Sport data aggregation.
About us
DevConstruct collects and aggregates sports data on national and international and semi professional sports and esports. It also includes information on competitions and events that take place around the world.
What we do
Research Data
Our dedicated team of sports specialists researches the internet for available data on sports.
We aggregate data
Our tech team built a service that allows to assemble all our researched the data place and splits it into categories for your convenience.
We update data
We keep on top of events, trends and news to deliver you the most up to date information on sports.
We map data
Example: you have a list of news articles and a list of sports events - we map them to each other so that it can be displayed accordingly.
We refine data
Not all data comes in ideal form. Some parts of it might be missing or be incomplete. We make sure you get all the puzzle assembled.
We hear you
We are open to our clients suggestions as for what we should produce or include into our service and implement this ASAP.
Be the first to provide best content.
With our data feeds you can present content at an angle never seen before.
Our advantages
and why you should choose us
The biggest data aggregation team.
We have more than 40 employees constantly searching for new open sources of quality data available all over the web.
All done in-house
Absolutely everything is done by our tech, editorial and analytical teams in-house.
We are agile
If there is a particular kind of data you are interested in but we don't have - we will find it for you.
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We will get back to you with the freshest news about our achievements.
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